Inneo School PhD

InnEO Space PhD will run 2 summer schools on open science innovation through Earth Observation.

The two summer schools will equip PhD students with skills and resources to help them in developing their career at any level of it. The summer schools will be composed of two complementary parts:

  • high level scientific lectures in the latest artificial intelligence models : machine learning, deep learning and EO applications
  • soft and transferable skills development that foster employability and innovation :
    • Open Science skills research project management skills, research integrity and ethics skills, IPR and IP, and legal skills
    • Soft Skills development class : communication, management, problem-solving approach

 The first InnEO schools will be face to face (6 days) and the second online (20-25 training hours). Lectures will be re-usable modules built for and during the first school. Lectures will be structured to provide attendees transferable skills, skills that are useful for employability out of academics, while it can also useful in academic jobs.